Our instructors are firefighters with real life experience. Create a safe environment for your staff an company with this fire safety training course in Stockholm.

Fire Safety Training Course in Stockholm

Create a firesafe environment for your company and staff

Firemen as instructors, this is Stockholms best fire training course!

This fire safety training course in Stockholm (Sweden) will give the participants basic knowledge in fire safety. Teach your staff to act appropriately in the event of a fire to reduce damage and unnecessary costs.

The instructors are firefighters with real-life experience
Learn to put out fires with fire extinguishers and fire blankets!
A fire safety training course that teaches you to prevent fire risks
We can adapt the training to your company
Quality-assured fire safety training according to LSO 2003:778
Certificate that approves your company!

fire safety training course stockholm
fire marshall training

Course info

3 hours

In your office (or online)

20 participants for every instructor


Content fire safety training

Common fire causes
Prevent and anticipate fire risks
Risk environments in your workplace
Fire theory – origin and spread
Fire development
Regulations and responsibilities
Fire alarms and evacuation alarms
Technical fire protection in buildings
Systematic fire protection work (SBA)
How to act in the event of a fire
Evacuation and escape routes
Human behavior in an emergency
How fire extinguishers work

fire safety training stockholm
fire safety training in sweden

Practical training

Extinguish real fire with a fire extinguisher
Extinguish burning manikin with a fire blanket

This is why you should choose us

In this 3 hour fire safety training course you will learn that which is necessary to prevent fires and detect fire risks and act correctly in the event of a fire. This course consist of both theory and practical training with firefighting exercises on a real fire with a hand-held fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

Professional firefighters as instructors with real-life experience

You will learn to create a fire safe environment and improve your fire protection

We can tailor-make a fire training for your company

Your company will be certified according to the requirements in LSO (2003:778)

The participants will get personal certificates

You will learn to put out fires with different types of fire extinguishers on real fires

100% money back guarantee

fire training course sweden

Reviews from our customers

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“We are very satisfied. This fire safety training was tailor-made for us so that we could include our own SBA work and evacuation organization in the training. Responsive trainer who took the time to answer all questions from the staff.”

Maria Östman | Security Manager on Södertörns högskola

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“I thought those who held the training did a fantastic job with us. The structure of the training was incredibly practical and pedagogical. The attitude they had was also of a very high nature, they are clearly instructors you should be proud of. We were looking for someone who could hold the training in English and they did it flawlessly! Our international employees highly appreciated it! ”

Anita Orevich | Associate HR Generalist on Resolution Games

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”We were happy with the course that gave us the fire safety training course we wanted. Good with very practical elements where you got to practice and some thoughts in the information during the training. Nice educator with enthusiasm in the subject. Felt very affordable. I am happy to recommend the HLR Experten to others.”

Anna Olsson | Site manager on Hufvudsta Gård Mat & Möten

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