CPR Training Course in Stockholm

Learn how to save lives, this training is vital

Attend a CPR training course so that you can act in the event of a cardiac arrest or airway obstruction, it may happen to your spouse or best friend.

Firefighters as instructors with real experience
Learn how to do CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
Learn how to act in the event of an airway obstruction
Learn how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator)
Free CPR posters in english!

CPR Training in Stockholm, CPR training in English
CPR training stockholm

Practical info

2 hours

At your office, we come to you

16 participants per 1 instructor


Content CPR Training

Safety first
Check for conciousness
Check for breathing
Recovery position
Call 112
The chain of survival
Practical training with a CPR manikin
Practical training with an AED
Steps for airway obstruction
Information regarding an AED
Demonstration of an AED
Usage safety with an AED

CPR training course

Why choose us?

In just 2 hours you will learn CPR so that you can help a coworker that suffers a cardiac arrest or gets an airway obstruction. Our CPR training course always follows the latest CPR guidelines. We have professional training equipment and presentation material that are developed to give the participant the best educational experience.

Firefighters as instructors with real experience from CPR

You will learn to do CPR if someone gets a cardiac arrest or an airway obstruction

Your company will be certified in accordance with ”Arbetsmiljöverkets” regulations

Participants receive personal certificates

Free CPR posters regarding Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Quality assured CPR training according to the ERC Council guidelines

100% money back guarantee

first aid course stockholm

Reviews from our customers

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“Extremely well completed education. The training was tailor-made to fit our needs, and quite slim from a time perspective. The instructor managed to impart knowledge to the staff mixed with practical exercises that were both appreciated and provided many new insights.”

Jesper Tornebjer | Principal on Sköndalsskolan Stockholms stad

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“The education was very good, educational and an eye opener for many. Good skills on the instructor. A big plus because it was possible to hold the training in English even though the instructor was not prepared for it. I highly recommend HLR Experten to others.”

Jeanette Anderberg | Head of finance on Vix Technology (Scandinavia) AB

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”The CPR training course was very well laid out with many practical exercises. We thought the instructor was very clear and had an easy time communicating his knowledge to us and that he was very nice. We are 100% satisfied.”

Anette Karlsson | Safety officer on M Dialysis AB

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