CPR Steps Poster - Guidelines for 2024

Learn CPR step by step on adults, infants and children

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Download our CPR Steps Poster totally free of charge. You will learn all the CPR steps for 2024 for both adults and children and how to act if somebody chokes or drowns. Our CPR Posters is based on the latest CPR guidelines from the European Resuscitation Council. The CPR Poster is produced by emergency personel with real life experience in CPR and first aid.

These CPR Posters consists of clear illustrations and informative text that gives you the necessary knowledge to save lives. Download and print these posters and use them at home or at your workplace or in your child’s school.

NOTE! The CPR Steps Poster does not in any way replace a real CPR training course.

You are allowed to freely copy and share these CPR Posters as long as the content is not changed in any way. Feel free to share this page to your friends and colleagues and like us on social media if you appreciated the posters. We hope that as many as possible can take advantage of this lifesaving material.

The different CPR Poster can be downloaded in various sizes depending on your need. They exist in size 50X70 cm which is the standard poster size. They also exist in the more common paper sizes A3 and A4 which can be printed on a regular color printer.

The CPR posters are downloaded as a PDF form and therefore requires the program Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can donwload it free of charge here.

Adult CPR steps poster

CPR for adults. The CPR poster shows you step by step how to do CPR on adults both with and without an AED.

Infant and child CPR

CPR for infants and children. The CPR poster shows you step by step how to do CPR on infants and children up to 18 year.

Choking first aid

This CPR poster shows you step by step how to act if an infant a child or and adult chokes on something.

Drowning first aid

This CPR poster shows you how to rescue someone from drowning and how to give first aid and CPR in case of drowning.

CPR steps with AED

This CPR poster shows you in detail step by step how to do CPR with an AED on both adults infants and children.

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